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Voice & Accent rounds are becoming very common in the job interview process if you are a non-native English speaker. Some nonnative English speakers may try to take an accent, skip over words or sentences, speak too softly, or try other things to make their pronunciation mistakes and pass the voice and accent round. However there tactics don’t work and will almost always ensure you don’t pass the voice and accent round.

The whole point of voice and accent rounds is to evaluate whether or not you are able to communicate effectively in the workplace and with important stakeholders. You may have years of professional experience, industry knowledge and expertise, but what good is all of that if you can’t communicate your ideas and expertise with those around you because they can’t understand what you’re saying?

If you are scheduled to have a voice and accent round and you’re looking for ways to prepare for it then look further. In this post you’ll learn 3 easy tips you can apply and practice today that will dramatically improve your results in your next voice and accent round.

What exactly is a voice and accent round? How does a voice and accent round work? Why do companies require voice and accent rounds etc. This post will answer these questions and give you a better idea of what voice and accent rounds are like.

What is a voice and accent round?

An accent round is a stage in the interview process that some companies require of non- native English Speakers to examine their oral communication skills are and will judge you on the following parameters. Mother-tongue accent, listening comprehension and fluency.

That is why it is important to have clear English pronunciation. If you haven’t already,I’d highly encourage you to go through my 3 easy tips to pass the voice and accent round.

How does it work?

Generally speaking voice and accent rounds are held over the phone, but may also be in person with a voice and accent round specialist (through this is more rare). Voice and accent rounds are normally evaluated by a software and your answers are recorded for further evaluation purposes.

In a voice and accent round you can expect to be evaluated through several exercises in one or all of the following sections below. Keep in mind that the process differs for each company.